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Although the Heart and Lung Act awards full compensation and continuation of employee benefits to certain employees, and is therefore more generous than the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act in that regard, its scope is narrower and its language should be strictly construed.

The purpose of the Heart and Lung Act is to provide important public safety personnel with full compensation while disabled from an injury which happens in the performance of duty; and grants compensation where the disability is temporary. In workers’ compensation, compensation can be for permanent injuries too.

For police officers, firefighters and other specifically enumerated people, the relevant law is 53 P.S. 637.

For county jail employees in Pennsylvania, the relevant law is 16 P.S. 4531

For state mental hospital workers in Pennsylvania, the section is 61 P.S. 951-952.

Act 534 benefits aka “Act 534/632” applies to an employee of a state penal or correctional institution under the Bureau of Corrections of the Department of Justice and any employee of a state mental hospital or Youth Development Center under the Department of Public Welfare, who is injured by the act of an inmate or person who has been committed to the institution, or an employee of the Department of Public Welfare who volunteers for the firefighting force and is injured while carrying out firefighting duties, etc………

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