Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement Amounts

Attorney Michael W. Cardamone represents injured workers across Pennsylvania. In 2012 he negotiated the following settlements on behalf of his clients. Note that in addition to the lump sums listed below, Mr. Cardamone prevented the insurer or employer from reducing his client’s checks in many of the cases, netting his clients tens of thousands in weekly or bi-weekly checks. Mr. Cardamone also won many cases for his clients, who are now receiving weekly workers’ compensation checks as a result of the litigation process.

$220,000.00- low back injury

$176,000.00- low back injury

$150,000.00- low back and hip injury

$125,000.00- low back and shoulder injury

$118,000.00- low back injury

$87,800.00- hand and arm injury

$85,000.00- low back, hip injury

$83,500.00- shoulder and back injury

$80,000.00- foot injury

$78,500.00- eye/head injury

$70,000.00- shoulder injury

$70,000.00- shoulder injury

$67,500.00- neck injury

$65,000.00- foot and ankle injury

$62,500.00- knee injury

$60,000.00- low back injury

$55,000.00- shoulder injury

$54,000.00- low back injury

$50,000.00- low back injury

$50,000.00- low back injury

$50,000.00- low back injury

$48,300.00- low back injury

$40,000.00- low back and neck

$35,000.00- low back injury

$32,500.00- multiple body parts

$30,000.00-arm injury

$25,000.00- low back injury

$25,000.00- low back injury

$25,000.00- foot injury

$24,500.00- shoulder and neck injury

$24,000.00-low back injury

$20,000.00- arm, neck injury

$12,500.00- neck injury

$10,000.00- carpal tunnel injury

$7500.00- hand injury

As you can see, the settlement amounts vary greatly. Every case is unique! There are distinguishing factors in every case such as the average weekly wage, nature of injury, nature of pre- injury job, whether MMI has been reached, whether there is an IME report with a different medical opinion than the treating doctor’s, the residual vocational skills post injury, etc. If you want to know the settlement value of your case, call one of Pennsylvania’s Best Work Comp Lawyers – Michael W. Cardamone at 215-206-9068 for a free consult. Or email


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