Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Assignment of Petition to Workers’ Compensation Judge

If you’re an injured worker, and you receive a document in the mail called Assignment of Petition to a Workers’ Compensation Judge, then that means either your attorney, yourself, or the employer’s attorney, filed a petition in your case. The most common petitions are: Claim Petition, Penalty Petition, Review Petition, and Termination, Suspension, or Modification Petitions. If you settled your case, then a Petition Seeking Approval of a Compromise and Release will be filed.

So what does this document mean? It just tells you which Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Judge will hear/decide the petitions (s) that were filed. After you receive this document, you will soon receive a Notice of Hearing. The Notice of Hearing will tell you the date, time, and location of the hearing. Note that since March 2020 to the present and ongoing, that most hearings are by video. But check the notice and speak to your attorney to be sure.

Petition to Workers Compensation Judge
Image Source: unsplash/Sasun Bughdaryan

If there is litigation started in your case, make sure to call us if you aren’t represented. Injured workers will usually double or triple their net wage loss benefits by lawyering up- and you don’t have to send any money- it’s a contingent fee system in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation.

For more information about the Assignment of Petition to a Workers’ Compensation Judge, call us any time (215) 206-9068 for a free analysis of your case.

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