Testimonial For PA Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone

Here is a testimonial from a client of mine:
“Thank you so much, Michael, for all you’ve done to reach a fair resolution.  From my first phone call, your concern gave me the confidence I needed to keep pushing to have my injuries fixed.  Through every stage of the court process you were totally engaged. You were sharp, focused and showed real finesse when taking the medical deposition.  In hearings, you were always ready with details and explanations, and were cool “under fire,” always the gentleman.  Still, there is a toughness about you, a sense of righteousness that is spontaneous and genuine.  I am grateful you were in my corner.
Thank you for going the extra mile, for answering a multitude of emails and phone calls and for listening to my concerns.  I trusted you completely and you never let me down.
My only regret, Michael, is not hiring you sooner.”

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