What Are Some Of The Important Factors In Determining A Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement?

There are many factors. And, each case is unique. However, some of the factors include:


Average Weekly Wage before the work injury

Extent of Disability

Whether an Independent Medical Examiner agrees with the treating physician regarding the cause of the diagnoses, the nature of the diagnoses, and the disability arising from the diagnoses

Age and Education of the injured worker

Whether there are any jobs at the pre-injury employer which accommodate the restrictions of the injured worker

Whether a Labor Market Survey has been completed to establish an earning power outside of the pre-injury employer

Whether an Impairment Rating Evaluation has been completed

Whether Medical Treatment has ceased

Costs of prescription medicine for work injury

Whether a Petition to reduce benefits is pending

What Judge is assigned a petition that may be pending

Whether the injured worker is Medicare Eligible

Whether any credits/overpayments exist in favor of the employer/insurer



Again, there are many factors. These are just some of them. For a free analysis of your Pennsylvania Work Comp case, call or email Attorney Michael W. Cardamone 7 days a week at 215-206-9068 or Michael@cardamonelaw.com


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