Cardamone Law Settles Over Half Million In Work Comp Cases For Clients in July and August 2017

Cardamone Law, a top Pennsylvania Work Comp firm with offices in Eastern and Central, PA, settled well over $500,000.00 in the past 2 months for its clients. Cardamone Law is one of the only firms in Pennsylvania that dedicates 100% of its practice to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation for injured workers.

Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements have to be approved by a Work Comp Judge. Cardamone Law is known to maximize settlements for injured workers- that’s all they do.

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Work Comp Law Firm Cardamone Law Sponsors Tex Mex 5K Run in North Wales

Cardamone Law, a leading Pennsylvania Work Comp Law Firm for injured workers, is a sponsor of the Tex Mex 5K Race for Open Space on June 21, 2017. The 5K is one of the best 5K’s in the nation and has thousands of runners every year. The race helps the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association.

Come join us on Wednesday night, June 21, 2017 in the heart of North Wales, PA for a great cause, and party after the race under the stars with some great music, food, and drink. (take Uber if you’re drinking alcohol, or have a DD)

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Cardamone Law- Workers’ Comp Firm Named to Best Law Firms of America

We’re proud to announce that we have been recognized as a Best Law Firm in America for our dedication to injured workers in Pennsylvania.

Cardamone Law is a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law firm dedicated 100% to injured workers.

We work day and night to serve our clients.

Thank  you for this recognition!

How Do You Win A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case?

The key for injured workers is having a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist- an attorney who only handles workers’ compensation cases and only for injured workers. Pennsylvania Work Comp Law is complicated and having a specialist is critical.

On a more micro- level, the key element is presenting credible lay and medical evidence. Lay evidence is testimony from the injured worker. Medical evidence will be reports or deposition testimony from a treating physician who can opine as to the work-related diagnoses, the relevant restrictions, and what type of treatment is reasonable and necessary.

Knowing the Judges is important too- and this gets back to the first point I made. The experience of litigation is incredibly important as each Judge has different personalities, experiences, and things they look for.

At Cardamone Law, all we do is Pennsylvania Work Comp. We aren’t a “Jack of All Trades”.  100% of our practice is dedicated to helping injured workers. And our results are indicative of this focus.

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PA Workers’ Comp Law Firm, Cardamone Law, Named Top 10 Best Pennsylvania Law Firms For Client Satisfaction

Cardamone Law, a specialized Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Firm for injured workers, has been named Top 10 Best Law Firms in Pennsylvania for client satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

The award is based on many factors including: 10/10 Client Satisfaction, Top Rated, Industry Leader, No Unresolved Complaints, Awards, Speaking Engagements, etc.

Cardamone Law is a unique firm, headed by Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist, Michael W. Cardamone, that dedicates 100% of its practice to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law for injured workers. Cardamone Law has 5 convenient offices in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania and provides 100% free case consultations 7 days a week.


How Do I Settle My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case?

I get asked this question all the time. Remember, it takes two to tango. You cannot settle your PA Work Comp case on your own. The work comp carrier and/or employer must agree to the terms of the settlement. Generally speaking, you will want to first hire an experienced, Certified PA Work Comp Lawyer. If you don’t do that, you risk getting taken advantage of by the insurer/employer because you won’t be on an equal playing field regarding the complex Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

Once you hire an attorney, you will want to discuss many details with him or her. Some of these details include your age, work history, date of injury, work-related diagnoses, symptoms, pre injury average weekly wage, any post injury earnings, and what if any opposing medical records exist which offer an opposing point of view, in addition to any pending litigation, the Judge to whom the case is assigned, and other relevant factors.

After careful consideration of the factors, you will present what’s called a Demand– this is usually structured as a lump sum amount, in addition to a proposition regarding the medical benefits. This can be complicated if you’re on Medicare or soon to be eligible. Sometimes a Medicare Set Aside is needed for future medical benefits, and in other cases a portion of the proceeds can be designated and used as future medical to account for Medicare’s interests.

After a Demand is presented, the attorney will follow up to obtain an offer. And then negotiations tend to heat up. It can take days, weeks, months, or even longer to settle a case. It depends on when both parties are satisfied with the terms- at which point a hearing must take place so that a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Judge can approve the deal.

If an agreement isn’t made, the parties may wish to agree to a Mediation which is a meeting with a Work Comp to help resolve the matter.

There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information floating around about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements. Not every case results in a “Large Cash Settlement”.  And, most importantly, every case is unique. Comparing your case to a friend or neighbor’s case is a terrible idea. Consult with an expert and let him or her evaluate your case on the merits of YOUR situation. Logo JPEG Large Top

If I Get Work Comp Benefits in Pennsylvania, How Long Do They Last?

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Theoretically, the wage loss and medical benefits can last a lifetime. However, this is exceedingly rare. Why is it rare? There are many reasons. First, some people will recover from their injuries. Also, many injured workers will settle their case for a lump sum rather than taking a risk in court in terms of having their benefits reduced or terminated. But the biggest reason is a concept called Partial Disability. Once an injured worker in Pennsylvania is converted to a Partial Disability status, the wage loss is capped at 500 weeks which is approximately 9.5 years.

There are two main ways to be converted to Partial Disability in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases. First, if the injured worker has an earning power, whether by actually working after the injury, or as a result of an Impairment Rating Evaluation, then the 500 weeks starts to run. With respect to earning power, if an injured worker is working after the work-related injury, but earning less than the pre-injury average weekly wage, then they get Partial Disability- 2/3 of the difference between the pre-injury average weekly wage, and the actual earnings post injury. However, even if the injured worker isn’t actually working, they can be converted to a Partial Disability status. How so? By way of a Labor Market Survey/Earning Power Assessment where the insurer hires a vocational expert to establish an earning power. If if the jobs don’t result in a job offer, the Work Comp Judge can find that the injured worker can handle the jobs from a vocational ability and physical capacity standpoint. Similarly, if the pre-injury Employer offers a job and the assigned Work Comp Judge believes the worker can handle it, even if they aren’t actually working, the conversion can take place and wage loss benefits can be reduced accordingly.

With respect to the Impairment Ratings under Pennsylvania Work Comp Law, these are often done within 60 days of the expiration of 104 weeks of Total Disability- so after an injured worker is getting a full work comp checks for 2 years, these evaluations are frequently performed. Almost every injured worker gets an permanent impairment rating of less than 50% which converts the status from Total Disability to Partial Disability- this gets that 500 week clock ticking. This area of the PA Work Comp Law is currently being reviewed by the high courts in Pennsylvania as arguments have been put forth that these may not be constitutional.

The moral of the story here is that while it is theoretically possible to get Pennsylvania Work Comp for a life time, it is rare. Injured workers are constantly faced with “Independent Medical Exams”, and other mechanisms which threaten their checks and overall benefits status. This pressure usually leads to settlements. And even when settlements aren’t reached, the IREs will, in about 99% of cases, lead to a conversion to Partial Disability which then starts the 500 week clock.

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