>My Employer Isn’t Complying With My Light Duty Work Restrictions- What Should I Do?

>I hear this question at least one time virtually every single week. The injured worker in Pennsylvania receives restrictions from either his or her treating physician, or from the IME physician. She then returns to work b/c the employer alleges that they have work available within the restrictions. The injured worker returns to work, but the employer pushes them to do work that violates their light duty or modified duty work restrictions. The injured worker pushes through, and does the work in fear of being fired for failing to cooperate. In turn, they risk further injury to themselves and grant the employer the luxury of believing that they can essentially walk all over the injured worker.

Ideally, injured workers in Pennsylvania should stand up to their employer and explain that the work violates the restrictions. Most importantly, the injured worker should call their attorney to discuss the issue. Sometimes, it will be ok to perform some work outside the restrictions- if it’s an occasional thing that doesn’t risk further injury. But when it’s a more insidious and repetitive situation, the injured worker in Pennsylvania should stand up and speak out. Yes, this will likely agitate the employer, but the workers’ health is paramount. It is a tough situation b/c the workers realize that the employer is bearing down on them and potentially laying groundwork for a termination “for cause” after a work injury as the costs of business go up for the employer (ie, more claims, higher insurance premiums). The worker wants to keep performing and obeying her supervisor, but is being tugged the other way simultaneously.

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What Are Some Examples Of Common Types Of Pennsylvania Work Injuries?

>There are many types of work injuries I see in practice, some of which include:

back injuries (ie, herniated disc, aggravation of prior back injury, sprain, etc)
rotator cuff tears
carpal tunnel syndrome
torn lateral or medial meniscus
sprains, strains
hearing loss
loss of vision
neck injuries (ie, herniation, cervical radiculapathy,)
RSD (aka “complex regional pain syndrome”)
mental/psychological injuries

The list goes on and on. Even if your injury seems minor at first, make sure you report it right away, and get treatment. The earlier the documentation, the better. Most employers in Pennsylvania will have a list of panel physicians with whom you must treat for the first 90 days following a work injury.

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>Can I Get Reimbursed For My Out Of Pocket Expenses Like Co-Pays and Prescription Medicine Costs?

>Yes, if you have adequate proof that you incurred such expenses, have receipts/cancelled checks/documentation, and can show that the expenses relate to your accepted work injury. Employers often defend these claims, holding that Claimant didn’t present enough evidence linking the receipts with the accepted injury. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act has technical requirements on many topics. You shouldn’t try to interpret it without an attorney.

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Representing Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

Helping injured workers in Pennsylvania is my passion.

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