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>I’ve Been Injured At Work In Pennsylvania- Can I Get Pain And Suffering Damages As Part of My Work Comp Case?

>No. You are entitled to 1) two thirds of your wage loss and 2) payment of reasonable, necessary and related medical bills- in addition to reimbursement for any out of pocket payments for medical treatment so long as you have receipts and information to support the charges. Workers Comp is a “no fault” system which […]

>I Want To Settle My Work Comp Case- How Do I Accomplish That?

>Call me and let me negotiate a good settlement for you. Do not do this on your own- you won’t get the kind of money your case is worth unless you have an experienced workers comp lawyer handling it for you. Your claims rep/adjustor is hoping you’ll make the mistake of doing it on your […]

>How To Be More Effective When Seeing Your Doctor

>CNN article about how to be more effective when seeing your doctor. Wanted to pass it along:

>I’m An Injured Worker In Pennsylvania- How Much Is My Case Worth?

>The value of your case depends on many factors. Each case is unique so be careful not to compare your case with a friend, co-worker, or neighbor’s case. Some of the factors include: 1) Your average weekly wage leading up to the work injury 2) The severity of your injury 3) Whether your employer can […]

>Can I Go Back To Work If I Am Receiving Workers’ Comp Checks?

>Yes. You should speak to your attorney, however, before doing this. Once you return to work, the insurer will reduce your workers’ comp checks accordingly. Sometimes, if you want to settle your case, it makes more sense to hold off on returning to employment. Just remember, if you are working and receiving work comp checks, […]

>What Kinds Of Injured Workers Do I Represent?

>All types of injured workers in Pennsylvania -Nurses and nursing assistants who injure their back or shoulder from lifting a heavy patient or from being assaulted by a patient -Truck drivers who hurt their backs from loading or unloading freight, or simply from the jarring inside the truck from the poor ergonomics -Workers on assembly […]