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>Key Elements To A Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania

>1) Hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer right away (Michael Cardamone, Esquire- 215.206.9068) 2) Reporting the injury immediately to a supervisor 3) Following company guidelines regarding panel physicians 4) Giving a complete and accurate history to your doctors as to how and when the injury occurred 5) Trying, in good faith, to attempt any light […]

>Is There A Judge Or Jury In A Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Case?

>There are no jury trials for workers’ compensation cases in Pennsylvania. The cases are heard before a Workers’ Compensation Judge- formerly called “Referees”. The Workers’ Compensation Judges are fair-minded and objective. Now, of course, each judge has their own personality and experiences and opinions about things, so they are not identical. And, some have a […]

>I Got A Hearing Notice For My Case- Do I Have To Attend?

>As a default, you should always prepare to attend a hearing in your case. Sometimes, however, the hearings are simply for the attorneys to speak with the Judge or to submit some evidence. It just depends on what the nature of the petition is, and what stage the case is at. You want to speak […]

>Can I Apply For Social Security Disability If I Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits?

>Yes. However, this can sometimes delay settlement of your work comp case if Medicare approval is needed – which applies in certain circumstances. For a free analysis of your case, please call me at 215.206.9068 or email Michael Cardamone Fighting For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

>I Only See My Doctor Once Or Twice Per Year- Will That Hurt My Case?

>It depends. I know, this is a typical lawyer answer, but it’s true. If your claim was denied and you are in court litigating a Claim Petition, then the more treatment, the better- generally speaking. If you are already receiving benefits and you’re at what’s called “Maximum Medical Improvement” which means your condition is not […]

>I Have Outstanding Medical Bills That Work Comp Is Denying- What Should I Do?

>Call your attorney, or if you don’t have one yet, call me ASAP. This issue comes up in just about every work comp case- and it can ruin your credit quickly. There are many reasons a bill goes unpaid- it could be that your doctor’s office did not send the bill on the right forms, […]

>Should I Be Nice To The IME Doctor Even Though He Or She Was Hired By The Insurance Company?

>Yes. Always be polite with any doctor, even if it’s the IME doctor who was hired by the workers comp insurance company. The IME doctor is likely to disagree with some aspects of your treating doctors’ recommendations and opinions, but being nice and having a cooperative attitude can go a long way. Contact me for […]