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>Petitions in Pennsylvania Workers Comp Cases

>What is a Petition to Terminate Benefits in Pennsylvania Work Comp -This is when the insurance company seeks to have your wage loss and medical benefits terminated for good. They can only pursue this if the IME doctor or your own doctor has issued an opinion that you are “fully recovered” from your work injury. […]

Heart And Lung Act In Pennsylvania/Act 534 Benefits

Although the Heart and Lung Act awards full compensation and continuation of employee benefits to certain employees, and is therefore more generous than the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act in that regard, its scope is narrower and its language should be strictly construed. The purpose of the Heart and Lung Act is to provide important public […]

>What Is An Independent Medical Exam In Pennsylvania Workers Comp?

>Why does an injured worker in Pennsylvania have to go to an IME doctor- that is, a doctor hired by the workers’ comp insurance company? Well, because the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows for it. An independent medical exam in Pennsylvania every 6 months is reasonable. IME doctors are hired by the insurance company and […]