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Interplay Between Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation And Unemployment Compensation

The basic idea of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is to provide an injured worker with wage loss replacement benefits (2/3 of average weekly wage) and medical coverage resulting from the work injury. The basic idea of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law is to give wage loss replacement benefits to the employee who is capable […]

How Can The IME Doctor Claim I Am Fully Recovered When I Am Not?

Independent medical doctors under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act are not “independent”. They are hand picked doctors- not by the presiding Judge, but by the employer or insurance carrier. The IME doctors do not treat an injured worker. They simply examine the injured worker, review medical records, and take a history. Then, they issue a […]

Tips For Injured Workers Immediately After A Work Injury

Note- all cases are unique. These are general guidelines. You should speak to me or another experienced Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer to discuss the details of your situation. ____________________________   -Call me!   -Give notice of your work injury to a boss or supervisor, explaining how you were injured, when, and what injuries you sustained.┬áNotice […]

If I Have An Open Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania, What Happens If I Quit My Job?

In most cases, the insurance carrier for your employer will file a Petition to Suspend wage loss benefits. A Petition to Suspend is filed when the insurer believes that your earning power is no longer adversely affected by your work injury. In this specific context- that is, when an injured worker quits- the insurer will […]