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Statutory Employer And Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation- The Expansion

The purpose of the Statutory Employer language in the Pennsylvania Work Comp Act is to extend coverage under the Act to subcontractors’ employees injured at work- ie, construction site. In a landmark case called Six L’s Packing Co. v. WCAB (Williamson), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in May 2012, overruled three decades of precedent by expanding “Statutory […]

What Is An Impairment Rating In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

Section 306(a.2) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides for a determination of whole body impairment due to the compensable work-related injury after an injured worker receives 104 weeks (2 years) of total disability compensation, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. This, unfortunately, is a tool for insurers to put a ceiling on their […]

How Does Social Security Work With Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

Under Act 57, 50 percent of Social Security retirement- or “old age” benefits shall be credited against the amount of benefits being received under the PA Work Comp Act- except for specific loss benefits or fatal claim benefits.  The offset does not apply when the employee applies for and becomes entitled to receive those benefits […]

Workers’ Compensation Is Like A Bad Marriage

I had a mediation with a Work Comp Judge in Philadelphia this morning. In speaking with my client about some of the benefits of settlement, the Judge made a great analogy. He said that unlike other areas of the law- such as personal injury- workers’ compensation keeps hanging around until the case is settled. In […]

Distinguishing Burdens Of Proof For Psychological Injury Under The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act

In New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. v. WCAB (Kalmanowicz), No. 1492 C.D. 2012, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently held that a collision between the Claimant’s truck and a decedent’s automobile was a sufficient physical stimulus causing psychological injury such that the physical-mental analysis should apply rather than a mental-mental analysis. This is a good […]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer

If you are suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystophy as a result of a work-related injury or accident in Pennsylvania, call experienced CRPS and RSD lawyer, Michael W. Cardamone directly at 215-206-9068 or email for a free and comprehensive consult. What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? It is a chronic pain […]