Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Mediation Process

You want to settle your case, but the insurance company isn’t offering enough money. What do you do? Well, one option is mediation- a meeting with a Workers’ Compensation Judge, the defense attorney, your attorney, and a representative from the insurance company (either live or via telephone), in an attempt to bridge the gap between what you demand for settlement and what they’ve offered.

Some mediations are mandatory and some are voluntary. Regardless, I have found mediation to be very productive. In fact, I’d say mediations have resulted in settlement in approximately 75% of cases that I’ve handled this year.

Mediations are beneficial for both parties because the Judge explains to the injured worker that his or her case may or may not be worth X amount of money; same for the insurer- they often need to hear that their offer just isn’t enough given the facts of the case.

Note that even if the Judge recommends a certain figure, it is not mandatory to settle. It is always a voluntary process.

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