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Many injured workers in Pennsylvania settle their cases for a lump sum that is negotiated with the Employer, Insurer, or Third Party Administrator. Michael Cardamone, President of Cardamone Law – Comp? Cardamone!, is highly experienced in maximizing settlements for injured workers in Pennsylvania- having netted tens of millions in wage loss and medical benefits for his clients since 1999.

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Michael’s expertise with Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements has resulted in a CLE Course, taught by him, for other lawyers to utilize, called “Navigating The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlement Process” through where Michael serves as a faculty member.

Injured workers tend to net a significantly higher lump sum settlement when they use the services of a highly experienced Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney, rather than going at it alone, or by using a “jack of all trades” lawyer who handles different types of legal problems. Insurance companies like to prey on injured workers who do not have an attorney representing them. Why?

Well, because they are knowledgeable about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law and know how to utilize the technicalities to their advantage. Injured workers should know that a PA Work Comp Lawyer can only get paid if there is a Court Order which means the attorney had to increase the value of the case or settle the case for a lump sum. This contingent legal fee system levels the playing field for injured workers and wealthy insurance companies because it allows the injured workers in Pennsylvania to obtain a lawyer without having to write him or her a check.

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Cardamone is a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist- he passed the very first exam certifying certain attorneys in Pennsylvania as Work Comp Specialists. In fact, 100% of his practice is Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation which is rare. Most firms handle several types of cases- Cardamone Law is 100% Work Comp- and 100% for injured workers.

Michael Cardamone helped with $6,500,000.00 personal injury settlement

Michael Cardamone (“Cards”) is one of Pennsylvania’s rare attorneys who ONLY handles Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases for injured workers. If you research other so called PA Work Comp Lawyers, you will likely find that they also handle personal injury cases or criminal cases or social security disability- or a combination of these types of matters. Not Michael! He only represents injured workers. He refers out other types of legal matters to his colleagues so that he can continue giving injured workers the highest level of legal advice.

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